Revize Apparel Co unveils Spring/Summer Jersey design #1 for Accelerated Evolution eSports!

Mon 10th Apr 2017 - 6:19pm General

Revealing our Spring/Summer Jersey by Revize Apparel 
ORDER HERE: Revize Co. AeEsports Short Sleeve Jersey #1


Prepare for our product line at the eSports Pro shop at 
WinD will be debuting this awesome design later this month during a large tournament. Pro Jackets, Hoodies, Hats and more are coming soon!


(below are two lucky streamers receiving a free jersey for social media support!)

Now, streaming fans can rock out while wearing official AE Gear:

Ladies, you will be receiving a FREE Jersey thanks to the love you gave on social media/streams. 

Sign up as a website supporter for 4.99 and for all those who purchase coaching lessons from AE's web store will receive a special discount until May 10th, 2017.



Hang out with us on our partnered discord at




Kenneth Spaziani

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