ESL: Reakktor announces first pair of TOXIKK NA Duel Cups - Wind's Birthday Wednesday, Feb. 8th

Sat 4th Feb 2017 - 8:27pm Gaming

Accelerated Evolution joins forces with Mobility Gaming's Twitch Stream Team for extended POV coverage for REAKKTOR STUDIOS ESL Cups

REAKKTOR has announced the first North American ESL "Arch Rival" cup for Toxikk. This may be a good omen for WinD who is competing as it falls on his Birthday Feb. 8th.

Accelerated Evolution is making big plans for TOXIKK events in the future: We must show our strength in this tournament cup with our best Arena FPS players.

More information is forthcoming via Press Release from AE and Reakktor about what is being cooked up behind the scenes.
In the meantime - Go Sign up, Toxikk is free with an upgradable version.

AE is ready to pour large amounts of resources into tournament pools - so let's get a good first cup turn out! 

You can watch WinD's coverage of the Finals from the EU cup here:

Get ready for new AE merchandise inspired by the art of TOXIKK including Jerseys designed after the glowing futuristic armor.
Below is the AE Discord (

Further below is the official Toxikk Discord

Click above to head on over to WinD's ESL Premium Profile!



Kenneth Spaziani

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