Galexia is the one man Progressive Industrial Rock band started in 2005 by Kenneth Joseph Spaziani (WinD). In 2007 Galexia released the self-titled debut album which featured guest artists such as Arjen Anthony Lucassen of AYREON, Damian Wilson of Threshold, Marko Eskola of Farmakon along with other prominent Progressive Rock / Metal vocalists. The debut album received universal critical acclaim and was awarded Audio Oddysey's "Album of the Year". RockHeavyLoud magazine proclaimed the album to be a masterpiece and in an interview with YTSEJAM Magazine Kenneth Spaziani was proclaimed a "child prodigy".

In 2009 under immense pressure to release a successful follow-up to the debut album, Kenneth finally finished his ambitious project which initially spanned 4 CDs in length. "The Maze" was a turning point in Kenneth Spaziani's career although not as intended, the album flopped in sales along with mediocre to poor reviews. To make matters worse fans of the debut album acted hostile towards the new material. 

Since 2009 Galexia has been in a near 10 year "Work In Progress" with 100's of completed tracks being scrapped or pushed to the side. Finally, in May of 2017 "Galexia 10th Anniversary Edition Remaster" was released along with "Rose of Thorns 2.0" (An updated version of the hit song from the debut album with a brand new Drum Track among other new interesting elements). Distributed through LANDR under Accelerated Evolution Records (AER) Galexia - Galexia (Remastered) has seen 180,000 unique streams since it's re-release and a surprisingly large amount of album purchases off of iTunes.

during, 2010 a side-project entitled "Galexia Feat. Knowledge" that saw AMAZON EXCLUSIVE Distribution (Digital and Physical) saw Kenneth Joseph Spaziani join forces with Hip-Hop vocalist Knowledge to release an album that fans of both artists enjoyed. It featured the artistic composition, time signature changes and odd instrumentation that Galexia was known for in an organic hip-hop style. Accelerated Evolution Records re-released a brand new Remastered version thru LANDR in March 2018 to a new generation of listeners.

Currently, as of 5/14/2018, Galexia has just released the first single of brand new material in 8 years - A single off of the upcoming third Galexia LP called "Orange Park Youth". Spaziani described the song as "A mellow and melodic pop-rock track which keeps intact elements that Galexia fans have loved over the years. I believe that it will get listeners excited to hear what else Galexia will be releasing in the coming weeks before the upcoming full-length Album." Orange Park Youth is linked here:

"While the new single 'Orange Park Youth' is a departure from what many fans may expect, I wanted to assure everyone that this album explores many different musical themes from the huge influences of albums like "Pet Sounds" or "Sgt. Peppers" (then from the same artists - "Sunflower" or "Abbey Road" to more modern pieces of art from Kevin Moore's Chroma Key - "You Go Now" - OSI - "Fire Make Thunder" - Ryan Adams "1989" - VAST "Visual Audio Sensory Theater" - Fates Warning "Disconnected" - Nine Inch Nails "The Fragile" - Savatage "The Wake Of Magellan" - Pain of Salvation "Remedy Lane" - Faith No More "Angel Dust" - Dennis Wilson "Pacific Ocean Blue" - Foo Fighters "Wasting Light" --- along with many other wonderful albums and artists wrapped into one.

The New Single (5/14/2018)

Galexia - "Orange Park Youth"

 Galexia (10th Anniversary Remastered Edition)

Galexia - "Rose of Thorns 2.0"

Galexia - "The Bedroom Sessions #1 - Asfixia"

Galexia - "The Bedroom Sessions #2 - Satellite"

Galexia Feat. Knowledge - "The Haze"


Coming July 2018...